Blaz K.

Blaz K.

Blaz is the Founder and owner of Shape Sports and Pulse Sport. For the past thirteen years, he has been a personal trainer, athletics coach and ski instructor. He actively trained athletes for several years before deciding to pass on the knowledge, skills and passion for fitness to others through his own companies and programs. He has worked abroad as a ski instructor in Europe and Australia.

Soon after his studies at the Faculty of Sports, Blaz became employed by the Faculty of Engineering to teach physical education to the Engineering students. While working as a sports educator, he actively participated in numerous marathons and has finished over 15 full marathons, 7 triathlons and half Ironman races. One of his most memorable experiences included the opportunity to work as a official professional partner at LONDON 2012 – SUMMER OLYMPIC GAMES.

Blaz is a passionate and enthusiastic trainer and team leader who is committed to providing encouragement and creates a non-judgmental environment for his clients, making it easy for them to feel comfortable and supported. Blaz’s mix of personality and technical knowledge ensures his clients reach their personal goals in the fastest and most effective ways.


- Athletics coach

- Triathlete coach

- Instructor of Nordic walking

- Ski instructor

- Nordic skiing instructor

- Swimming coach

- Mountain guide

- Masseur