Tomaz S.

Tomaz S.

Tomaz is a versatile athlete who enjoys mastering sports in all of nature’s elements. His athletic passion is for outdoor activities, and his goal has always been to combine fitness and nature in one true experience.

Tomaz's involvement in sports started at a very early age, and he spent most of his school years participating in various athletic teams. At university, he studied at the University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Sport, where he finished his Degree in Physical Education and Fitness. There, he also earned a variety of certifications, allowing him to teach various sports, including swimming, free-diving, alpine and cross-country skiing, and rock climbing.

Tomaz is also dedicated to sharing his sports experience with other people, whether they are children, teenagers, adults or seniors; and he has worked as a teacher, instructor, and a trainer for people of all ages. He has a wide range of experience, having worked as a swimming trainer, personal trainer, running trainer, skiing instructor, fitness manager, a counselor at youth sport camps, and has participated in sport research.

By combining academic knowledge and personal experiences, Tomaz finds innovative ways to improve his sessions. Furthermore, with his adventurous nature and extensive experience, his sessions are always interesting and well-balanced.


- Athletics coach

- Swimming coach

- Ski instructor

- Cross-country ski instructor

- Freediving instructor

- Rock climbing instructor

- Masseur